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Drone Sky Visuals
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Frequently Asked Questions


Can you take photos/record any place?

This depends strictly on where and in which Airspace Class you’re intending to fly. If the planned flight is executed in restricted airspace, a flight authorization must be requested from the FAA.


Can the drone take off from any place/surface?

No, the drone can only take off from flat, even, and smooth surfaces or the palm of your hand if it’s small enough.


What drones do you use?

We use DJI Mavic Series with Hasselblad 4k 20MP and Autel drones.

  • DJI Mavic 3
  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro with 4K 20MP Hasselblad Camera
  • DJI Mavic Pro
  • Autel Robotics Evo

What is the maximum height the drone can reach?

The FAA allows a max height of 400ft AGL(Above ground level). If you’re less than 400ft away from any structure, you can reach up to 400ft above the highest point of this structure. Ie. If an antenna is 1200ft high, the drone's max flight altitude can be 1600ft.


What is the range of the drone?

The drone can technically fly in a range of up to 4 miles away from the PIC(Pilot in Command) within VLOS(visual line of sight). In real life, there will always be all sorts of interference that will not allow the PIC to have a visual line of sight or the signal between the drone and the remote controller to work that far. A real average range can be around 2 miles.


How much time does it take to shoot?

It depends on what is required by the plan of flight, weather, Airspace, and client's requests.


Can you shoot on cloudy days?

Yes, you can create footage on cloudy days depending on the cloud percentage. There are gigs that give you a cloud % limit and it usually averages 50% of cloudiness.


Can you film at night?

You can film at night with a drone as long as you have Anti-Collision navigation lights, which we have!


Can you shoot when it’s drizzling?

To fly a drone while it’s raining or snowing you should have a drone wetsuit.


What if it rains on the day of the shooting?¿Can it be rescheduled?

Aerial shots usually require sunny weather but it still depends on the client's requirements. Usually, gigs are rescheduled.


Would you only send me the RAW material or do you edit photos and videos too?

We offer both RAW and Edited final products.


Can you produce a promotional video?

Yes, we can. You can find some of our work on our Youtube Channel.


Do you only work in those industries described in Services?

Those are our main services but we can always go out of our way for any new challenges.


When will I receive the material after the shoot?

From the moment a client gets in touch with DSV up to the moment our team arrives on-site, creates a flight plan according to the client's needs, evaluates the environment and airspace, creates a pre-flight inspection, takes off the Drone, captures all the footage, processes the data and creates a final deliverable product it would take roughly hours to complete. If you need editing we work on a turnaround time of 48 hours unless it's a big project in which we will determine the turnover date.


Do Drones have any other use besides photography?

Yes! Drones are being used for Search and Rescue, short-range deliveries, light shows, reference points, and many others! You can go to our Blog and check out our article about everything drones are being used for!


Is DSV Insured?

Yes! We have flight insurance for every one of our projects.


What is the cost range of DSV photography services?

Packages are tailor-made to your needs, starting from a beginner's pack of photos at $200 all the way up to edited videos or even combinations of both!


Is DSV licensed?

Yes! All our pilots are FAA Part 107 certified!


Can you fly indoors?

Of course, we can!


Can I see what is being filmed?

Yes! If you need a live feed, we can totally do it!


Is drone footage better than helicopter footage?

Drone footage is different, way more cost-effective, and way safer!


Do you have backup equipment?

Of course! We have a fleet of drones with plenty of batteries for each one. We also have remote chargers just in case we have a very long project.


If my event lasts longer than expected, will you stay longer? Do you charge extra?

Yes! We can definitely stay longer on a price-per-hour basis.


Can I do a live stream with a drone?

That is correct! There are multiple social media platforms to live stream your flight, for example, Facebook Live.